Amnesty is Almost Here! Sign Your “No Amnesty” Petition and Help Stop Congress!

Congress is readying to pass Immigration Reform this year. The Senate version, S. 1, provides the 11 million illegal aliens in the country a path to full citizenship. The House of Representatives is beginning to cave to the pressure of interest groups that don’t have America’s best interest in mind.

“Who do you think those millions of new citizens will vote for?” asks National Spokesman Steven LeBlanc. “At the cost of national security and upholding the law, these liberal ‘open borders’ politicians will allow any and every one into the country and hand out citizenship papers like candy.”

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Project Director Represents U.S. Border Security Council Supporters at Key Border Security Hearing

Project Director Sean Ferritor (back to camera) thanking Chairman Chaffetz for holding the hearing. Representative Chaffetz believes strongly that the United States border must be secured.

Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on National Security recently called a hearing on Border Security Oversight, Part III: Border Crossing Cards and B1/B2 Visas. This hearing was part of a set of hearings the Subcommittee on National Security has called due to the emergency situation facing our borders and the growing number of illegal aliens.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Flips on In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

Color us surprised when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) reversed his previous policy positions by endorsing in-state tuition rates for il¬legal immigrants. Pro-amnesty activists claim that he even said he will try to get the issue through the legislature in a lame-duck session. Continue reading

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Survey Results Show Americans’ Overwhelming Support for Legislative Strategy

This fall, amid the federal government shutdown, the U.S. Border Security Council conducted a “Border Strategy Survey” and the results are clear: Americans are concerned about border security issues and are in favor of making Congress hear their concerns.

Previously, Representative John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House, publicly discounted the possibility of a House vote on the contentious comprehensive immigration reform, but Fox News reported that the Speaker changed his tune. Now, the feeling on Capitol Hill is that the House may take action to overhaul immigration before the end of 2013.

“Our latest survey clearly shows that this decision is clearly not in step with the values of most Americans,” said U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc.

When the U.S. Border Security Council asked if we should continue to use petitions to show the politicians in Washington the nationwide opposition to Amnesty Plus, 96% of respondents agreed that it was a good idea.

Another 88% solidly stated that they feel it is a good idea for U.S. Border to generate a steady stream of phone calls and postcards to elected of­ficials (at both the federal and state levels) with their policy positions and concerns regarding our nation’s border security.

Ninety-two percent thought that it was worth­while to continue to reach out to the news media to spread the word about Amnesty Plus.

And, 96% feel that U.S. Border Security Council should continue in its efforts to recruit more sup­porters to fight Amnesty Plus.

The White House and its pro-amnesty allies con­tinue to beat the drum for their version of Amnesty Plus — like the legislation that passed in the Senate earlier this summer. In fact, many leading Repub­licans are leading the charge toward an immigration reform bill. (The lingo is different, but the end result is apt to be the same. We are no longer seeing the politically divisive term “pathway to citizen­ship” used. Instead, pro-amnesty forces are simply calling for “legalization” of aliens.)

“The charge from our supporters is clear. Take the fight directly to the halls of Congress,” said Fer­ritor. “Surveys and petitions — and personal letters from our supporters — tell a compelling story to our elected officials. We need each and every supporter to combat efforts to pass Amnesty Plus, expand fed­eral benefits for illegal aliens, and to ignore enforce­ment of current immigration laws already on the books.

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The Inside Track: Republican Study Committee Staffer Breaks Down the House’s Legislative Priorities for the Rest of 2013

The U.S. Border Security Council legislative team has developed a working relationship with Paul Teller, Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee (RSC).

The RSC is hearing from many of their members (who have just returned to Washington from the August recess) about the immigration reform bill. During the district meetings over recess, many Members of Congress report that their constituents are demanding that any immigration reform bill strengthen border security.

Although pro-alien forces are clamoring for an immigration reform bill in any form, a key staff member in the Speaker’s office confirms that Speaker Boehner remains adamant that there won’t be time during the fall to take up the bill. After a recent meeting, several representatives of Washington think tanks and nonprofits approached our legislative team to discuss immigration policy. We will follow up with these new contacts and cultivate them as allies in the battle against any form of amnesty for illegal aliens.

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