National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc and Presidential Candidate Allen West Discuss Immigration Reform at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steven J. LeBlanc and potential presidential candidate Colonel Allen West joined forces at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference to discuss immigration reform, as well as President Obama’s executive action granting amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal aliens.

“Colonel West is a staunch opponent of the President’s unilateral action granting amnesty to almost half of the nearly thirteen million illegal aliens currently residing in America,” states LeBlanc. “It was refreshing to hear from a potential presidential candidate who stands with America,” continued LeBlanc. “A man who would uphold the current laws of the land instead of constantly breaking our own laws to adhere to a radical agenda like the current President.”

LeBlanc and West agreed that something needs to be done to fix America’s broken immigration system. “We must strengthen our southern border and enforce current immigration laws in America to achieve that goal, not grant amnesty to more than thirteen million people who have entered and stayed in our country illegally,” concluded LeBlanc.

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Immigration Battle Continues to Rage on Capitol Hill

The House of Representatives recently passed a bipartisan bill to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, while repealing President Obama’s Executive Action granting amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal aliens.
“Our worst fears have become a reality,” states National Spokesman Steven J. LeBlanc. “And it will only get worse from here, unless Congress steps in to curtail the unilateral actions of a President who views himself as above the law.” Senate Democrats have employed the filibuster strategy to protect the White House from having to veto legislation aimed at curbing his unconstitutional actions regarding immigration.
Both parties are scrambling to find common ground on immigration to avoid a February 27th deadline to fund the Department of Homeland Security. The U.S. Border Security Council has been very active on Capitol Hill identifying the key players in order to make sure that your voices are represented in key negotiations.
“I have reached out to my contacts in Speaker Boehner’s office to make sure that we have the most up to date information,” says LeBlanc. “It’s pretty obvious to all parties involved what the plans of Senate Democrats are: force the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security before deporting law-breaking illegal aliens,” continued LeBlanc. “And then point fingers and blame the Republicans.”

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U.S. Border Security Council Sparks National Debate on Southern Border and ISIS Terrorists

National Chairman, Steve LeBlanc sparks nationwide debate over ISIS.

U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steven J. LeBlanc kicked off a nationwide debate on the viability of our southern border and whether or not members of the vicious, barbaric terrorist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, are infiltrating America.

While attending an event at the Heritage Foundation on Capitol Hill, U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steven J. LeBlanc asked one of only two questions taken by Texas Governor Rick Perry; “Is there a concern that members of ISIS might be using our southern border to get into the United States?” Governor Perry conceded that, “There’s the obvious great concern that, because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from ISIS and other terrorist states could be — and I think there’s a very real possibility that they may have already used that,” Perry stated.

Only hours later, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called a press conference of his own to warn citizens of the growing threat ISIS brings to America, stating ISIS is, “beyond anything that we’ve seen.” “Our members have been unrelenting when it comes to securing our southern border before anything else can be done on immigration,” states LeBlanc, “and Governor Perry agreed wholeheartedly.”

Since Thursday’s event, the national media has had a field day with the issue. “It’s about time people started talking about the real immigration problem, our southern border and our inability to secure it,” says LeBlanc. “The negligence by the Obama administration to satisfy their own objectives has put every American’s life in danger with our borders being insecure,” continued LeBlanc. “The U.S. Border Security Council and our members have been working hard on this issue for more than 8 years, and knowing how passionate our membership is, they won’t rest easily until our southern border is totally secure. Then and only then will there be a real conversation about immigration reform.”
To hear Sergeant LeBlanc address this issue directly with Governor Rick Perry, click here

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House Majority Leader Shocked in Amnesty Related Primary Loss

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was beaten in his primary election by a little known challenger named Dave Brat. Dave Brat, a tea party member, used Congressman Cantor’s stance on immigration reform as a vehicle for his upset.
“Congressman Cantor got caught in a tough spot politically, and it ultimately ended up sealing his fate,” says U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steven J. Leblanc. “Our members and supporters have been fighting against amnesty for the last ten years adamantly, so I am not that surprised by this outcome,” continued LeBlanc, “Americans simply don’t want to grant amnesty to 13 million people that are currently in this country illegally, no matter how they got here.”
Cantor disputed the characterization that he has been wishy-washy on immigration reform by working on legislation to give legal status to young illegal immigrants but also sending out a campaign mailer touting his opposition to “amnesty.” Ultimately though, the people of Virginia’s 7th Congressional district spoke loud and clear that no form of Amnesty will be accepted.
“I think this will be a referendum in the November elections,” says LeBlanc, “I know it will be for our members and supporters.” The U.S. Border Security Council will continue to pressure members of Congress to resist any deal to grant any pathway towards citizenship and any form of Amnesty.

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Amnesty is Almost Here! Sign Your “No Amnesty” Petition and Help Stop Congress!

Congress is readying to pass Immigration Reform this year. The Senate version, S. 1, provides the 11 million illegal aliens in the country a path to full citizenship. The House of Representatives is beginning to cave to the pressure of interest groups that don’t have America’s best interest in mind.

“Who do you think those millions of new citizens will vote for?” asks National Spokesman Steven LeBlanc. “At the cost of national security and upholding the law, these liberal ‘open borders’ politicians will allow any and every one into the country and hand out citizenship papers like candy.”

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