U.S. Border Security Council Meets With Former Navy Seal Team 6 Leader, Congressman Ryan Zinke

U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steven J. LeBlanc met with Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana to discuss strategies to strengthen our southern border.

“Congressman Zinke agrees wholeheartedly with our members and supporters that before any meaningful conversation on immigration reform can occur, we must first secure our southern border,” states National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc.  “Congressman Zinke, a former Commander of the Elite Seal Team 6, understands the dire importance of securing our borders not just from illegal immigration, but from terrorists as well.”

The U.S. Border Security Council has pledged to work closely with Congressman Zinke and his staff as the battle over immigration reform continues on Capitol Hill.   “As a former Sgt. in the United States Army, I consider it a privilege to work with such a distinguished man of the military.  Congressman Zinke and his staff have asked for our help, and I know our members and supporters will not let him down.”

About US Border Security Council Admin

U.S. Border Security Council is a national grassroots advocacy group, which the IRS has determined to be tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. You can reach organization by mail at P.O. Box 96197, Washington, DC 20090 or by email at info@usbordersecurity.info
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