Sneak of the Month: Department of Labor Secretary Nominee Thomas Perez

Right before Congress left Washington for spring break, President Barack Obama nominated Thomas E. Perez as Secretary of the Department of Labor. Perez is a darling of the Left and has gone on public record in support of illegal immigrants’ rights.

His personal political beliefs are widely known. When he was serving on the Montgomery County (Maryland) Council, Perez advocated for day-laborer sites and pushed for IDs distributed by Mexico and Guatemala to count as proof of identity, even though allowing such IDs could give illegal immigrants easier access to government-funded services.

Perez has worked for the federal government his entire career. He has worked at the U.S. Department of Justice, as Special Counsel to Senator Edward Kennedy on civil rights, criminal justice, and constitutional issues, and as a Clinton Administration Director of the Office for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

If confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of Labor, the U.S. Border Security Council would not expect his office to be a friend during the immigration reform debate. In fact, if his past record is any indication, he will be a strong pro-amnesty voice working behind the scenes to push for illegal alien rights.

In fact, it is not hard for us to imagine that initiatives (such as E-verify and other worker protections that serve to verify only those employees with legal status to work here) will not be the top of the priority list for the Labor Department under his leadership.

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