National Spokesman Urges Clinton to Secure Borders, Finish the Wall


U.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc recently attended a speech in Northern Virginia by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to try and convince her to change course and support a secure border while upholding current immigration laws in America.

“We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to securing our nation’s borders and fighting against any form of amnesty for those in this country illegally,” stated LeBlanc.  “Our members and supporters are adamant that there should be no pass to the front of the immigration line just because you were successful at infiltrating America illegally,” continued LeBlanc.  “That’s the point that I was trying to make to Mrs. Clinton.”

The U.S. Border Security Council and our loyal supporters have amassed more than 315,000 signed “No Amnesty” petitions.  We continue to work to secure our southern border once and for all so that current immigration laws in America will finally start being enforced.  Thank you for your constant participation and support.

About US Border Security Council Admin

U.S. Border Security Council is a national grassroots advocacy group, which the IRS has determined to be tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. You can reach organization by mail at P.O. Box 96197, Washington, DC 20090 or by email at
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