National Spokesman Hand Delivers Your “Finish the Wall” Petitions to Senate

steve-petitionU.S. Border Security Council National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc recently visited Capitol Hill to hand-deliver your “Finish the Wall” petitions to some of the most influential Senators in Washington.

“Something has to be done to curb the immigration epidemic in America,” stated National Spokesman Steve LeBlanc.  “The facts are crystal clear that we have a major problem controlling who enters this country using our southern borders,” continued LeBlanc.  “Due to the current administration’s continued defiance of immigration laws in America, the only sensible answer is to build a wall to secure our southern borders once and for all.”

The U.S. Border Security Council continues to collect signed petitions in favor of a wall to secure our southern borders, and currently has thousands and thousands of signed petitions from patriotic Americans.  Have your voice heard by visiting our website at to sign your “Finish The Wall” petition.  Thank you for your continued support.

About US Border Security Council Admin

U.S. Border Security Council is a national grassroots advocacy group, which the IRS has determined to be tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. You can reach organization by mail at P.O. Box 96197, Washington, DC 20090 or by email at
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