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We must have our borders with the third world country of Mexico absolutely and thoroughly secured-and I mean NOW-because we do not want any terrorists to enter the United States through that open door with the sole purpose to kill us. And the Mexicans that want to enter our country must use the legal immigration system that this nation has in place, PERIOD. Our government officials should stop the stalling, the lying, and the pandering to people who are trespassing on our land illegally. They are aiding and abetting violators of the law. That is not what patriotic, responsible lawmakers do!
— Lanny S., Jackson, Wisconsin

Just a “God bless you” note for all the effort you are putting into trying to stop all the trespassers at the Mexican border. I agree something must be done! Mexico will soon take over America, and they won’t have to fire a shot. Too many are already here if every little town is like our little town of Laverne. Our town may have at least 100 or more working at the pig farms. One only hopes all of them are here legally. They are very nice people and work hard, but the U.S.A. needs to get control of all the foreigners, regardless of where they are from.
— Bessie S., Laverne, OK

I’m behind you 100%. I’ve contributed small amounts a few times to help with border control.
— Bernice L.

As I read your letter I could hardly believe my eyes! I was so thrilled at every paragraph, every sentence, and every word!!I have waited so long for someone like you to actually forget political correctness and say that America is in terrible trouble and we must fix it NOW..I have sent petitions about border security, about helping Minute Men and all about illegal aliens that no politician would utter – and then your letter.  Thank you.”


-Ms. Mary Meill

Cairo, GA


“We support your efforts and thank you for this work.  The borders must be secured – you are correct…May God bless your work.

-Mr. Tom Williams

Ore City, TX


“For the sake of our country, please use your influence to contact a Congressman and urge him to DO SOMETHING. Thanks for your patriotic actions in saving the U.S.A”

-Mr. Johnson

Memphis, TN


“I appreciate your continued interest in the security of our nation’s borders…I hope to continue to foster a close working relationship with you on this issue and other homeland security matters.”

-Eugene H. Schied, Assistant Commissioner

Office of Administration

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Department of Homeland Security


“Dear Sergeant LeBlanc:  Thank you for your concern and dedication devoted to the welfare of our Great Country by spending many long hours and precious effort on behalf of your fellow citizens.  Sergeant, I am a 96-year-old veteran of military service, including World War II; I love America…God Bless You!”


-Mr. Lawrence A. Fowler

Columbus, IN


“Dear Border Security, I am so happy to be able to help in some way.  I am proud of your work, and I do believe that yours is the most important problem to be solved.  I am almost 87 years old; and you have made me feel that I can help out.  Thank you.”

-Ms. Mary Meill

Cairo, GA

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