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Newsletter Online: June 2011

Click here for the U.S. Border Security Council June 2011 Newsletter.  

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Illegal Get Billions in Tax Credits

The Internal Revenue Service recently reported that it allowed illegal aliens to collect $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits in 2010. That amount is almost quadruple what the agency says illegal received from the same tax credits five years ago. … Continue reading

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DeMint Speaks Out About Border Crisis

An internal Tucson, Arizona police department memo published online warns officers to be aware that Hezbollah terrorists are crossing the U.S. Mexican border. The alarming report follows last year’s arrest of Jamal Yousef in New York City that exposed a … Continue reading

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Council Anti-Amnesty Campaign Forces Obama to Change Strategy

Facing increasingly public opposition to the passage of Amnesty Plus through Congress, President Barack Obama is attempting to circumvent the Constitution and implement amnesty through executive action. “The President has run into a brick wall in Congress thanks to the … Continue reading

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Commentary: Council Demands that Mexico Be Labeled a “Failed State”

The recent upsurge in violence and the evident inability of the Mexican government to be able to maintain any semblance of order in much of the country has led to the U.S. Border Security Council demanding that the U.S. government … Continue reading

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